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A Middle Aged Lady In Camberwell

During Lockdown2, I lapsed into rereading Muriel Spark after plucking her 1950s volume of short stories  The Go Away Bird from my shelves. It's forty years since I read that and all seven of the novels she published between 1957-1963 including not only  The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie,  by which 'Dame Muriel' is best remembered today, but also The Ballad of Peckham Rye  which had been in my mind to reread given that I live now within walking distance of Peckham and know it reasonably well. I had assumed that Spark lived there for a while in order to write the novel, but was astonished to find on reading her Wikipedia entry the following sentence: ' Between 1955 and 1965 she lived in a  bedsit  at 13 Baldwin Crescent,  Camberwell , south-east London. '  13 Baldwin Crescent, Camberwell In other words, Spark lived in Camberwell (which merges into Peckham) during the whole period in which she wrote two early novels and five of her best-known novels, the other three being

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